Our Story 

Urban Afro Concept (UAC), formerly Urban Afro Gypsy, was founded in 2015. It doubles as a style journal and a mixed-media accessories line.

The blog component provides readers with fashion and style inspiration through enthralling and thought-provoking content on pretty much anything fashion-related. History, art, identity, culture and human rights are further sub-themes explored on the blog. It also provides news and updates on the UAC accessories line and website.

The accessories collection has an Afrocentric feel to it, consisting of earrings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, rings and hairbands. Some pieces are dainty and delicate while others are big, bold and made to make a statement. UAC accessories are designed for a variety of moods and settings, drawing inspiration from the vibrant art and cultural dress of Africa's people. 



Mulesa Lumina, Founder

Urban Afro Concept is one of two blogs Mulesa founded to feed her passion for writing and fashion, particularly the fashion of the African continent. She’s also a self-taught jewellery designer who creates all of the pieces comprising the UAC accessories collection by her own hand.

Mulesa is a human rights consultant by profession as well as a women’s rights activist. In her down-time she enjoys reading, writing, gaming, baking and of course, making jewellery.