A message to our customers:


The coronavirus pandemic has plunged us all into difficult and somewhat scary circumstances but we want to encourage everyone to avoid giving in to the hysteria, support each other, stay informed and take precautions during this period of lockdown and beyond.

To those who are unable to stay at home or must stay at home in less than ideal conditions, we are thinking of you.

To those at the frontlines of combating the pandemic - healthcare workers, security personnel, caregivers, service industry workers etc. - we see you and acknowledge the sacrifices you must make for all of us. Thank you very much for your service.

To all our customers, we appreciate the continued support, even through this difficult period. If and where you can, please continue to help small businesses like ours stay afloat. While UAC is not fully operational during lockdown, our customers can still order vouchers from us at discounted prices and continue to shop our store for our goods. 

Again, let's not succumb to panic and hysteria brought on by fake news. Instead, let's educate ourselves, adhere to government regulations, look after ourselves and each other. 

For more information and updates on COVID-19, the lockdown and related government regulations, visit the South African Government's website.

Together we can flatten the curve and get through this crisis,  This too shall pass.

Best wishes, 

Urban Afro Concept Team 


Face masks 


We're also selling reusable cotton masks by our partner brand, Ethnique-Afrika, at R50-00 each. Help in the fight against COVID-19 by purchasing these masks to ensure that healthcare workers and the like have access to medical grade masks they need to carry out their work.


Instructions for Use

All face masks should be used in accordance with safe usage guidelines. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water or hand sanitizer before touching and putting on the mask as well as before and after removing it. Avoid touching the cloth part of the mask while wearing it and refrain from touching your face. Wash face mask in hot, soapy water and iron it BEFORE first use and after each use. Only use the mask when it is completely dry as moisture may compromise its usefulness.


How to put on the mask

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or clean hands with hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  2. With the top side (i.e., the side with a stiff, bendable edge with wire inserts) and the front side (i.e., with the print) facing away from you, hold the mask by the elastic ear loops.
  3. Place a loop around each ear, taking care not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth in the process.
  4. Mould the stiff edge to the shape of your nose.
  5. Ensure that the mask wholly covers your nose and mouth and fits underneath your chin. Make sure the mask fits well by moving it around to get the best fit (important: avoid touching the cloth part as you move the mask).
  6. Once you have put on the mask, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE or the cloth part of the mask until you take off the mask following the instructions in (6) below.


Please be aware that use of the mask may present a danger of suffocation or breathing difficulties. If you experience discomfort or difficulty breathing while wearing the mask, immediately discontinue use of the mask. Retreat to some place safe (away from others), wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (or clean hands with hand sanitizer) and then remove the mask to breathe normally.

Please remember to take the precautions of social distancing, thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water and refraining from touching your face as recommended by the World Health Organization and the relevant health authorities in your country.


How to remove the mask

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or clean with hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  2. Avoid touching the front of the mask (as it will be contaminated).
  3. Hold both ear loops and gently lift and remove the mask. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Carefully fold the mask inside out and place in a container preserved for washing the mask or immediately wash, iron and store the mask in a clean place (see care Instructions).
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water, or clean with hand sanitizer.


Care Instructions

  1. Wash the mask in soap and hot water (can be machine washed) before FIRST use and each time after use. If hand washing, please ensure that hot water can be tolerated.
  2. Rinse the mask thoroughly.
  3. Dry the mask completely.
  4. Iron the mask (aids in disinfection).
  5. Store the mask in a container (such as a plastic storage bag or plastic sleeve) that is clean and disinfected. 


DISCLAIMER: Our face masks are non-medical products. They have NOT been evaluated for the mitigation or prevention of specific infections or the filtering of bacteria or viruses, including COVID-19, nor have they been approved for medical use by any regulatory authority. The masks are NOT meant to replace medical grade Personal Protective Equipment such as surgical medical grade masks. The mask will not prevent infection from COVID-19 but may help minimize the risk of you infecting others when you speak, cough or sneeze. Please also note that the use of a face mask is NOT intended to replace the precautions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and national health authorities, such as quarantine (where applicable), social distancing, thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water and refraining from touching your face. The decision to use this product is solely your own.


Please note that we do NOT allow returns on masks for hygiene reasons.